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ISOLA Street lighting systems

In one embodiment, the curvature extends in the vertical direction. As a result, contamination of the solar module by dust, pollen, dirt, snow is reduced.

The advantage of the device is that solar energy from any angle of solar incidence is used for the production of energy, since domed solar modules are used which preferably point in the directions of the south, east and west.

A further advantage of the device according to the invention is that the ventilation of the solar modules is provided by spacers and ensures that the solar modules do not overheat.

In addition, in regions with high solar irradiation, this leads to a strong heating of the solar modules, which leads to overheating of the solar panels.

Furthermore, regions in which electricity lines for road lanes have not yet been laid can be supplied with lighting.

The costs for this are significantly lower than for a new laying of power lines under and / or above ground.

As a result, new, self-sufficient lanterns or traffic lights can be created in a simple and cost-effective way. In addition, already existing lamps, such as street lamps, traffic lights, and the like, can be used. With the present invention and thus operate environmentally friendly.

The retrofitted lamps, such as lamps and / or traffic lights, can function completely independently after the conversion or as a hybrid with an additional power supply.